2000 Stripling Warriors March

July 24, 2013

A Participants Guide to the Pioneer Heritage Parade

Our Philosophy

It is our belief that in today’s world we as communities and neighborhoods, have fewer and fewer opportunities wherein we can create memories, build bonds of friendship, use the creative skills given us and develop personally and socially.

We often spend our time and efforts in pursuing things that are short lived and  require far less of our talents than we are capable of giving. We hope, and strongly believe that this event, will fulfill many of these long lost and vital needs that we have as individuals, a people and society.  It will offer a venue for creativity, individual expression, cooperation in a group setting, discipline, leadership and FUN. Our hope is to help build memories, strengthen social and familial bonds, and give all who participate a lasting memory and legacy for generations to remember and follow.

We understand that your young man has demands placed on his time and talents. We do however believe that this parade project will be a valuable and memorable experience.


Your young man will have the assignment to create his own costume and props  for the parade. We have sword blanks, spear heads, shield blanks and war club blanks that can be purchased very inexpensively. The participant would then finish his own “gear” and personalize it to his tastes and talents. We welcome creativity and highly support those who wish to “do it on their own” when designing and constructing their props.

If he chooses to participate as a warrior, he will be qualified to win a special award, as one of the top three (3) that are judged to having done exceptional job of creating, what we feel, is the most authentic and complete. We will judge on completeness of the costume, props, and how they are finished. Extra consideration will be given to those who create their own and to the authenticity of what they make.

Please take some time to visit the “Costume” section of this website to see what  the suggested  standard is for dress and props.


We want to make sure you are informed of the dates,times and places having to do with the event. That information will be posted on the website, in the Calendar section and sent via e-mail to all registered participants at least 30 days prior to the meeting / training or gathering.